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High concerntrate NPK+trace elements 100% water soluble granular

High concerntrate NPK+trace elements 100% water soluble granular

NPK Fertilizers This product is white round granulated, 100% soluble in water.It is a new high efficient compound fertil
Basic Info.
Model NO. compound fertilizer
Release Type Quick
Manufacturing Method Compound Fertilizer
Type Compound Fertilizer With High Nitrogen Content
Transport Package 15-15-15.20-20-20,12-24-12
Specification 95%Tech, 757% SG, 480g/L(IPA)SL
Trademark BOSMAN or OEM
Origin China
HS Code 38089311
Production Capacity 200000kg/Month
Product Description

NPK Fertilizers

This product is white round granulated, 100% soluble in water.It is a new high efficient compound fertilizer. It is granular and dissolves in water absolutely. It can quickly supply Calcium Nitrate to plants, It has growth function on root, stem, leaf of the crop and used in greenhouse and large-area farmland.

NPK GranularNPK Crystal (full water soluble)
14-14-14Granular 2-4 mm20-20-20+TECrystal
15-15-15Granular 2-4 mm20-10-30+TECrystal
16-16-16Granular 2-4 mm15-15-30+TECrystal
17-17-17Granular 2-4 mm30-10-10+TECrystal
18-18-18Granular 2-4 mm21-21-21+TECrystal
19-19-19Granular 2-4 mm13-40-13+TECrystal
20-10-10Granular 2-4 mm10-52-10+TECrystal
15-10-20Granular 2-4 mm13-7-40+TECrystal
15-15-10Granular 2-4 mm15-5-35+TECrystal
10-10-30Granular 2-4 mm13-3-43+TECrystal
10-20-10Granular 2-4 mm17-17-17+TECrystal
10-10-10Granular 2-4 mm18-18-18+TECrystal
30-5-5Granular 2-4 mm19-19-19+TECrystal


NPK Granular

* NPK Bulk Blending Fertilizer is a kind of fertilizer containing two or three elements of nitrogen,Phosphorus and Potassium.Using the basic raw material of fertilizers to physical mixture stirring.

* NPK Bulk Blending Fertilizer is almost the same with NPK Compound Fertilizer.But the price is much cheaper than compound type.

* NPK Bulk Blending Fertilizer is usually used as topdressing and can also be used as base manure and seed manure.

* NPK Bulk Blending Fertilizer is extensively applied to grain crops like paddy,wheat,corn and sorghum and to cash crops including tobacco , tea, fruits and is extensively suitable to various kind of soils.

Crops AppliedDosage (Per Hectare)Instructions

Food Crops:


Base Manure:75~110 KG

Seed Manure:35~45 KG

Top Manure:150~225 KG

In the process of agricultural production,the majority of people is though the base and blunt way of combining application of compound fertilizer. Now part of the vegetables in greehouses is gradually into the results, especially meions,solanaceous fruit vegetable, the demand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is bigger.So it needs different compound fertilizer, topdressing contenct to meet the needs of its growing.



Base Manure:85~100 KG

Seed Manure:15~30 KG

Top Manure:100~120 KG



Base Manure:90~100 KG

Seed Manure:20~50 KG

Top Manure:90~110 KG

Economic Crops:


Base Manure:65~95 KG

Seed Manure:20~35 KG

Top Manure:85~100 KG

Ornamental Plants:

Flowers,Potted Plant,Holly,Grass Lawn,Golf Grass...

Base Manure:90~100 KG

Seed Manure:50~60 KG

Top Manure:110~130 KG

NPK Crystal (full water soluble)

* 100% water soluble,nutritional foliage spray that doesn't need agitation in the tank.

* High purity,can fully meet the demand of professional cultivation and outdoor ornamental plant.

* Less impurity,which can be applied safrly in various of plants,seeding amd greenhouse flowers,no salt accumulation to soil after long term application.

* Trace element are chelated micronutrients which doesn't react with phosphate and not produce sediment.

* Balanced formula of each kind of element,make it can avoid deficiency symptom,can better suit for greenhouse cultivation and make sure health growth of plant.

* The addition of special chelates agent in it,will make it adapt to and adjust different water quality and keep the solution in stable PH value.

* When foliar application,it could percade and penetrate into the leaf very quickly.Also it can be used together with various pesticide and herbicide.

Crops AppliedDosage (Per 16L Water)Instructions

Industry trees:



-higher thickness of leaf,resistant disease
-increase weight of fruit
-increase suger,quality
-leaf budding stage:spray 1 times for every 7-14 days
-increase fruite,nut size or need harvest:spary 2-4 times for every 10-14days




-harder stem,less fallen
-higher thickness of leaf,resistant disease
-increase weight of fruit
-increase sugar,quality
spray since growing stage for every 10-14 days




-increase weight of fruit
-increase sugar,quality
-leaf budding stage:spray 1 times for every 7-14 days
-increase fruit size:spray 2-4 times for every 10-14 days

Basic Crop:

Rice, Corn, Soybeen,Peanut...


-increase weight & size of fruit,nut,seed,tubers.
-higher leaf thickness,increase disease resistantce.
-harder for trunk of trees.
-increase sugar,quality
spray since growing stage for every 10-14 days.

Ornamental Plants:

Flowers,Potted Plant,Holly,Grass Lawn,Golf Grass...


spray since growing stage for every 10-14 days.

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High concerntrate NPK+trace elements 100% water soluble granular

High concerntrate NPK+trace elements 100% water soluble granular